Happy Sunday everyone!

Just want to thank Jesse T for pointing out that sometimes I make the same old mistakes. Those whom have been around IHL for a long time have recognized that occasionally I pull a stupid and forget to change a number. As a matter of fact, there are two numbers completely missing from strips 1 – 100… I’ve done my best and created intermitent strips for them that appear in the BOOK ONE COLLECTION. I’ve been very good the last year or two with that though, not missing any numbers or repeating things.

Ah well, you can take the webcomic out of the screw-up, but not the screw-up out of the webcomic.

So, I again want to apologize to anyone who went to Katsu and was hoping to see me. I am working on landing a job, and when the boss says, ‘I need to see you tonight’ – you do it when you think it’s going to make or break the deal.

That having been said, it didn’t make or break the deal, but it did get me another freelance project with him… so babysteps, and I’ll keep you updated.

As you might have also noticed, I’ve updated the dates on the upper right as to some of the shows I’ll be at. I’m currently doing my best to get to a lot more shows this summer, so if you want IHL at your local con, or you want IHL at the con you run, email me and we can make arrangements.

Much love,