So Idol Idol comes a close. Mostly.

There are loose ends to tie up in the future, but that was the end of Po’s little program. As another adventure in creativeland, I’d say I’m happy with how it reads. In the end, that’s what I shoot for these days. When I first started IHL, I wanted each strip to be all whizbangkapow funny. I recognized that’s seemingly impossible, even my favorite webcomics miss a step.. and trust me, there are a few early IHL’s I’d like to burn in a fire never to be seen again. They will never be removed though, if only because they show the road I’ve taken to get this far.

Nowadays, aside from when I do a single one off joke that I shoot for a vague heading of ‘funny’ on – I want to make these story arcs feel right. Again, as the storylines have gone on, I think I’ve even gotten a bit more comfy doing those too.

Admittedly, IHL isn’t one of those brain projects that has a distinct beginning and ending. It’s an ongoing process of coming up with ideas for these characters. What they think about topics. What situations they can be put in, and what will be most enjoyable for me to create, in the hopes that it will be enjoyable for you guys to read.

Enough prattling by me today, have a great week – see ya Weds.