Hey everyone!

Ok, so remember how I told you all to check out Comics Now #1, that magazine where IHL will be featured. Well it was very late in printing due to circumstances that I have no idea about. It IS coming out though either this week or next. So check your local comic store for it. If they don’t have it, ask them to check out #2. It’s being published by APE ENTERTAINMENT, so now they have a place to look for it.

Next off, a couple of things about future conventions. Pittsburgh is in the record books as being official. Anime Boston, on the other hand, is not. It seems I’ve missed their cut off date for getting into Artist Alley, and it’s packed. I’m asking a few friends, and I have a lead or two, but more is always good. If you have any way that you can help me get into Anime Boston, lemme know. I really would like to do the show.

Oh, and a quick aside about today’s strip. If you feel it’s very random and unlike me… sorry, I thought doing a HeadOn joke would be funny. Not to mention cracking smart at the commercial driven culture of reality television (and most television really). Honestly though, it was so I could do a HeadOn joke. Past it’s due date of funny… maybe, but that didn’t stop me from giggling while rendering butter on Chris’ head.

G’nite all.