With Christmas around the corner, and this being the last strip before the big holiday, from myself, Danielle, and the chinchillas (which if you didn’t know, we have two) – may your next week be magical and full of awesomeness. This goes for you folks who don’t celebrate Christmas or some equivalent, too.

Over the next week, and I’ll try and remind you all on Weds too, please send me some feedback on things I’ve done right and wrong this past year. It’ll make me know what to do when I move into 2008 with a new step. I want to hear everything, as your feedback drives me on with each passing year.

So thanks yall, and those of you still waiting for my World War Z review.. keep waiting, I haven’t had time to sit and enjoy the book in the past week. Stupid holidays. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Much love,

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