Hey everyone…

First off – it’s crappy weather city in New Jersey. I just got back from my sister’s house and it took twice as long because nothing is salted yet. Eww.

Next off – I would be completely not right if I didn’t at least pimp Danielle Corsetto just a little bit. You see she finally got around to doing an archive companion of Girls With Slingshots. You can find it over at her website. I mean, SOME webcomics already have their first volume out and should have the second one done shortly after the turn of the new year… but hey, not everybody can be me. Especially not Danielle Corsetto. She can try. She can fight the waves that bring her near my greatness, but she can never.. in fact.. be me. (Note: All commentary made about Danielle are to be taken lightly. She’s a good friend, and I wish all the luck in the world, no matter how hard she tries to emulate me in all that she does.)

Finally, remember I told you wacky cats about Zuda Comics? Welp, the new comics are up, so I’ve now given you 8 or so new strips to go check out. Enjoy!

Ok, I’m going to make some rum-nog and cuddle up with a book.. reading World War Z right now. I admit, it’s a lot more serious than I thought it was going to be. Not bad.. just more serious.

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