Like whoa… 399.

I’m thrilled that I’ve hit this mark. What’s cool and sad is that as I hit strip #400 on Friday, I won’t be able to sit idly in a chatroom to talk to everyone, or sit and acknowledge comments or any other crazy ego-pomp I want to. Counter point, I’ll be doing the coolest thing I’ve ever gotten to do in my comic career so far. Be the guest of honor at a convention. So I guess it’s kind of a neat give and take on that.

In other news, wait til you see what cool item I received in the mail today. I don’t have photos yet, but I’ll be wearing it during Sugoi, so all my photos will show it promptly. It’s a gift from the team over at Caf-Fiends ( and you guys should go show them some love, because honestly.. Kevin and Blondie are the best.

Counting the hours til my flight – Jamie