Hey everyone,

Thanks for the well wishing on the new job. It’s going well so far. I’ll give details another day, but now something a little cooler:

You're Invited!

EDIT: I’m a dunderhead and meant #395!!!!

So here are is the bit. I am going to have the Wedding Shower on strip #395. If you want to come to the party, send me a JPEG of yourself to inhislikeness@gmail.com. Everyone I get in time will be part of the strip. Please understand that I will probably only be using your heads… you’ve seen the size of my strip. This is a kind of thank you to all my female fans. Guys, we’ll get you next time.

Here’s the legaleeze part: Sending a Jpeg is consent to use your photo in strip #495 and any future reproduction of it as I see fit in further collections without any compensation due to you. The strip and all content within the strip remains legally owned by James Hatton & In His Likeness.

Ok, so I think you get the jist there. I’m not going to be using all your photos willynilly, just in strip #395. Sooner or later when IHL: BOOK 3 comes out, it will appear there and you can be happy you were a part of this comic’s long and fantastic history.

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to seeing the pics.

Love – J