Crazzzziness! One of the things that I’ve noticed a lot of webcomics folk don’t talk about publically is hits. It’s not for any other reason really than I’m sure that people just don’t want to judge themselves by another’s numbers. Plus, some people don’t even care about that kind of thing.

I know I occasionally mention my hits, although I never really go into details with numbers because it just seems in poor taste. And hell, I’m not getting PVP or Penny Arcade numbers, so it just is an exercise in futility. I will say though, that the last week, my hits have been ROCKING! A lot of it I’m sure has to do with the fact that many of you whom were featured in #395 have posted it up on your blogs, or linked to it because you were in it, etc. Either way, thanks for showing me off. It’s awesome that you guys dig IHL enough to share it and share in it.

Oh, and my darling sister Nikki posted that ‘she got the Lofn’s Lounge’ bit from the last strip. For those not in the know, Lofn is the Norse Goddess of Love. I’ve said before that other Gods exist in the IHL world… in time I’m sure you guys will get to meet a few of them. Hell, maybe one of them might become a regular character. That’s something to save for after strip #400 though.

So again, thanks everyone, it’s been a helluva week for IHL, and I can only kiss so much fan ass.. consider it done. 😉

Now to bed,