Hey everyone!

The comment section is loved. That’s fantastic! Everything on my end has been pretty blah, so I don’t even have that much to report. For the most part it’s working on finding a job and working on various lil IHL projects here and there.

Since I don’t have much verbally to give you, let me do two things. First, remind you all to pick up COMICS NOW #1 (Diamond Code: SEP074111) when it comes out. The Comic Geek Speak guys have put together a fantastic magazine, and there is an IHL feature in it. It should be hitting your comic store sometime in the next month or so. It’s being published by APE ENTERTAINMENT, so make sure to take a glance.

Second, remind you all to go take a glance over at KILLJOYCOMICS.COM to check out all of the fantastic guest strips they had for their 100th strip spectacular, including yours truly.

Ok, enough whoring… I should go to bed. – J