Charlotte, NC - June 15 - 17

Convention report time! This is going to be not as much a convention report, as a repository of pictures of people that I met, the fun we had, and making you feel bad that you weren't there.

I'm sure over time I'll get used to taking photos to post these things up... so they can feel like real adventures, but for now, here is the first in what should be many con-pages of the FUTURE!

So onto pictures, that if you click, will get bigger:

So first we went to Danielle Corsetto's house. This is us enjoying her house. As you can see, we're a lively bunch of assholes, ain't we. The first is Bill of Silver-Rage fame. The second is Danielle, or 'creates most of my books and still loves me somehow' fame.

Then we got to the con - and my first two shots here are of the con sketches I did. Now I don't know if I'll do this type of thing that often, but was too fun to not try it out.. the first is IMPULSE, the second is SCOTT STEINER (due to a fan of my wrestling podcast (Hi Kim & Leanne) finding me):

And now the man himself and his table. Ignore my face. Seriously.. ignore my face. Why I made that face... I do not know.

So here are some of the fantastic people who allowed me to take their picture during the show, with the stip that if I was going to put them on the site, they had to hold the devil pillow. I think it's a neat addition to make conventions fun... and be able to take pics of hot girls and umm.. that last guy. So.. we have in order - Acid Poptart, diva and friend - Death, who seems reluctant to hold the devil, amusingly - Red Sonja, who was quite adorable... and... that guy.

This round includes A bunny girl - Harley Quinn - Batman stealing the Devil from that poor disrespected Harley - and the Ghostbusters obsconding with my damn pillow!:

Ok, now time for a cute lil'n, and Devil's Panties own Jennie Breeden.
Finally a Star Wars blue Jedi girl, who was sweet as can be and bought my book. She gets her own spot.. because in fact.. she bought my book, plus she... ok, it's mostly because of the book thing:

Ok, so the next little batch here needs a touch of explaining. I'm currently working on a drinking book for IHL. It will include a set of drinks for all of the characters. Expect it out sooner or later. So one of the coolest is The Four Horsemen which is a speed round of four shots, meant to be the last thing you drink. Bill decided he was going to take the challenge. Here's the ingredients if you wish to do it at home.
You must drink them in this order too:
WAR - Jack Daniels
DEATH - Tequila

Followed by a picture of my new friend from Young American Comics, Corey - and Danielle Corsetto giving each other the must fucked up hi-five of all time... weird back-elbowed people.:

Ok - that does it for Heroes Con... See you at the next show!

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