Hartford, CT - July 13 - 15

Now let's get to the other stuff. First, this is how my table looked. Chrisi on the left.. Dani on the right:

This is me looking fat, while hanging on Kevin of
Caf Fiends, who made me an incredible bottle with my 'D IS FOR DEVIL' print on it. The bastard is so talented, even looking that sleepy...

Dani even got into the creative action at the show - doing a
Christi version of Lucy. Adorable, no?

I would be remiss if I didn't introduce you to Tasha, who showed up at the end of Friday and lightened my entire day by being one of the most endearing fans I've met to date. It's cool when you meet someone who knows what you do. It's another to meet someone who actually squees at seeing you. It was frigging awesome, and I want to thank her and her bo for finding me and such.

This is Paula. She showed up and bought
Jennie at the artist auction. Next year I'll probably join. She and her hubby then hung out with us all night and let us draw on her. Neat no?

It's nice, after a long annoying day of ConGoing to sit back with the old friends and new... and eat copious amounts of meat. Then go and do an Irish Car Bomb with
other webcomic girls.

Now after eating and drinking, one wants to go relax and not draw, right.. no. Not at conventions. I've found that after the show ends, the parties always involve some form of art. This show was not only NOT the exception, it had the most people I've ever seen in one room intent to sit and doodle on paper.. each other.. and create some of the strangest group projects ever. Take for example
Jennie's lower back that Christi and I so happily defiled.
(As a note, I didn't draw the anime chick in that picture.. I'm defiling her too.)

Like all good things, even conventions must come to a sad and sudden end. Even the cosplayers are plum tuckered out...

Thank you for checking out how we did, and what we saw. Next stop.. Otakon...

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